This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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? Untold Revolution?


This Tekkit server has 36 slots and dedicated hosting, providing us with the best RAM and no lag, warning: you might enjoy yourself an extreme lot on this server!
Our staff is always there for you to help or if you need anything, and the map will almost never be reset, unless that's what the majority wants, of course.

General Rules:

  1. No griefing in towns protected by towny. Destroying things that aren't yours or that you're not supposed to destroy is illegal and can lead to permanent ban. Killing animals and pets in towns is also illegal.
  2. Everything in the wilderness is fair game, except things protected by LWC. You can nuke it, you can quarry it, as long as it's not protected by LWC.
  3. No clientside mods other than provided by tekkit. No x-rays (inc. texture packs) or hacks.
  4. No abusing tekkit glitches or bugs.
  5. Towns must have at least 5 people in them. Nations can have as little as they want.

Chat rules:

  1. No spamming.
  2. No profanity to insult other players. E.g: ''Dude look at this shit I found!'' is allowed, but ''Look you shit!'' is not.
  3. Don't post adult links, adfly links, or other dangerous links.
  4. Mind younger players.
  5. Do not ask for higher rank ingame.

PvP rules:

  1. Do not TP into combat.
  2. You may not cause someone to die in a non-pvp area such as Spawn.
  3. A town must be PvP.
  4. You cannot TP into an enemy town. You must be at least 20 chunks from the town.
  5. You're not allowed to camp outside spawn waiting for someone to kill.

Staff rules: (these rules are only important for staff)

  1. Staff may not use their powers for their own fun or use. Their powers may only be used for helping out the community as is their task.
  2. Staff has to be fair and objective.
  3. Staff must help out others if requested.

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