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Tekkit Legends Server


--= MineWonderLand Network =--

modpack version 1.1.1

  • Land Claims (golden shovel)
  • Random teleport
  • Economy
  • Market
  • Shop plugin
  • Autorank system
  • 3 x /sethome



Been playing here for a while.
the online accounts mentioned below is infact true.
it shows every user online for all the mod packs and versions.

It's a well balanced and fun server and most players are there to help with anything.

they have a ranking system that is based on play time so if u have a question look for a immortal rank player.

Admins are busy nut Thunder2m plays all the time so thats a lie as well.

Give it a try ^_-
Posted 2nd Nov 2019
Total trash. The player count is basically a lie, and the reviews are probably fake/staff accounts too.
Server lacks a real spawn or in fact ANY decent builds, the whole place looks like shit, inactive staff/players - clearly zero effort has been put into the creation of this server.
Posted 2nd Jun 2019
Good tps friendly environment
Posted 28th Apr 2019
its cool pretty chill server.........................................
Posted 11th Oct 2018
Modpacks: 10/10 a lot of variety, normal... experts...
Lag: 10/10 server side, 8/10 modpacks side. Well care servers , player´s faults apart they run @20tps
Staff: 10/10, ticket system to let the admins do the real admins work.
Ticket system: issues normally attended in a moment or few hours.
General review: Good servers, good community, good rank system and better vote rewards systems. Normal banned items list, even better cause found a lot of things allowed than other servers.

Good server to play modded MC
Posted 7th Aug 2018