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PBCraft | Tekkit Classic


Tekkit Classic Server. This server is for Tekkit Classic Veterans. People who have played Tekkit Classic for a while and remember it like it was yesterday.

Send me an eMail with this Application to be considered. We are keeping the server Whitelisted to prevent un-wanted guests.



Name: (To address you by, real or fake)

Minecraft Username: (Please specify Zero's and O's)


Tekkit Classic Experience: (Just so we know you won't ask a lot of Q's)

Favorite Tekkit Classic Mod: (Just for fun)

Have You Ever Been Banned From A Server? If So Why?:

Have You Ever Owned A Server/Had A Mod Or Above Rank?:

Please eMail this Application to me. In the subject line put as follows,'Tekkit Classic App' That why I can file through any spam eMail's I may recieve. Please do NOT send more than 2 Applications. Send the second one ONLY if you Application was not Accepted/Denied within a week of sending. Thank you Friends.

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