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We are a Tekkit server dedicated to providing you with the most thrilling experience you'll ever get on Minecraft. The server is a no-griefing/no-cheating server with a friendly staff and multiple worlds ('cause we couldn't fit all the awesomeness into just one).

The main world is for all players searching for a semi-vanilla Tekkit SMP experience. There are several basic commands like /sethome and the ability to lock chests (available once you register on the website). We have also added Residence, which allows you to protect your land from those pesky griefers. In order to keep things fair and interesting, several EE power items are blacklisted (Energy Collectors, Dark Matter, Talsiman of Repair, etc.) Some of these blacklisted items can be accessed by higher ranks. See our website for more details. Both the Mob Arena and the PVP Arena are complete. Battle against fellow players, or team up against an onslaught of monsters! A parkour arena is under construction.

There is adventure world in progress, which will offer an MMORPG-style experience filled with villages, quests, dungeons, epic volcanos, etc.

We now have a Factions world with an awesome seed that I found myself. Griefing is allowed in factions, and you can access almost all blacklisted items. Chunk-loading items such as world anchors, dimensional anchors, and teleport tethers are disabled on all worlds. Please be aware that using Tekkit items to bypass protections, such as Red Morning Stars and Ring of Ignition, is classified as Exploiting Glitches, which results in a rollback and a 10-day ban.

So what are you waiting for? Come on and join the fun!

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