This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Grapeseed Presents: Technicus


Grapeseed Presents:

Technicus, a PVP faction server provides a fun environment with friendly staff and almost no lag. We are always open to suggestions on improving the server from the community. We are also looking for builders to help with the new tekkit themed spawn area.

  • Survival Games are now LIVE! The server now has Multiverse, with the Survival Games 3 at the moment. Players can participate, and there will be competitions to win prizes in the future.

  • About EE: Equivalent Exchange is enabled, but there are some items banned due to bugginess and ability to grief Safezone.

  • Banned items: Gem armour, RM morning star+ katar, all rings, nukes, mercurial eye, watch of flowing time, DM pedestals, all lens and destruction catalyst, all nova explosives, RM/DM shovels, hammers and hoes, all of wireless redstone except wireless receivers and transmitters, all amulets, cannons, and dynamite.

  • QuantumKiller: QuantumKiller is a custom-made plugin which enables you to kill people in quantum, RM/DM armour. The weapon is a secret!

  • Ranks: When you first log on, you start as a [Guest]. After 1 hour of play, you become a [User] and you are able to create factions. When you've played for 24 hours, you become a [Member] and become a full player to the server. and if you are real dedicated, after 100 hours of gameplay, you will become a [Veteran], which means that you served dedication.

  • Mods list: yvinda, furyxpwnage, jspwn, Woodey79, jaweller, TheCheata, Trind

  • Admin list: JAB2010, Epectedcookie, mschuermann, donutman48

  • Owner: firecopy --- Techadmin: rob4001

  • Look for us if you in-game if you need any help. We hope you enjoy your time on McGrapeseed! For more info & donations, visit our website and the forums at

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