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After months of waiting and preparing, the world gets a brand new Tekkit server!
Few Items Banned!
Server IP:

After jumping from server to server, dealing with admins, banned items and general restrictions, I decided we NEED a brand new survival tekkit server.

Hate being overly-admin'd? Not here! It's every man for himself! Protect your stuff, hide your stuff, or actually use Tekkit to it's full potential and nobody will even be able to mess with you!

This map is newly generated, not even a single block misplaced! Come build your empire!

This is a 60 slot server, I hope all slots are filled all the time! I expect users to help new people learn tekkit. The admins have played tekkit for several months, and Vanilla minecraft from Alpha!

Join us on TeamSpeak
Connect with: ""

Rules (Very Few)
No 24/7 machines. This will lag and crash the server, and you don't want the chunk your house sits on regenerated.
Full EE is on, don't abuse it. I'm not afraid to ban you for over-using it's destructive powers.
Admins will not give you stuff. I elect to also play in Survival mode, I will trade with you though.
If griefing gets out of hand, I will add region protections. I prefer you protect yourself!
Extra Plugins
Dynmap (my favorite) You can find the server, and the Multiverse maps here:
TreeAssist: Chop with an axe and get the whole tree in 1 swing!
WorldBorder: per-generated Chunks to reduce server lag, and to fill out the Dynmap

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