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[24/7] TTB Survival Tekkit! EE & more! Keep items


TTB - The Tugboat Gaming

Who are TTB?
No who... But WHAT is TTB... TTB is a rapidly growing group of Minecraft servers owned by Red_Crayon (me).

How many servers do you own?
I currently own three servers, one HungerGames and building server, one Factions Hardcore PVP / grief server & Tekkit Server.

Do you plan to own more servers?
YES. I plan to start going into multiple different platforms such as a prison server, this should increase the scope of the server and hopefully generate more popularity for us!

What are the IPs?
The IPs for the servers are: - ONLINE - The HungerGames and build server. - ONLINE - The Factions server. - ONLINE - The Tekkit server.

Can I be staff?
The answer to that is simple... YES, you can be staff... But it's not so simple as just joining and asking me to make you staff, you have to be active and helpful and talk to me daily, either via Skype or the forums. I make sure I have time for EVERY user...

Can I apply for staff online?
Yes! You can apply via our forums, it's fast and simple, navigate to
and click "Staff applications and recommendations" then click apply. Or simply, click here.

Applying for staff online doesn't guarentee you a position. Please remain mature and active and try to follow EVERY server rule.

We do not have a standard age, however, the recommended age for staff is 14, please do NOT lie about your age, we will find out.

With all that said, I hope to see you ingame or active on the forum!

Feel free to add my skype:

Feel free to send me an email:

Feel free to PM me on my forum:

Red_Crayon & Dynamite_Dez!

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