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Amazing Tekkit Server
-What is it?
--An awesome experience you're missing out on!

We have multiple worlds including...

  • Non_pvpworld
  • Creative world
  • PVP world
  • Spawn_world
    --All of these seperate worlds have seperate inventories. You can go and play on the PVP world all the time and not worry about going to another if you just want to raid/grief/and fight!
    --The PVP world DOESN'T use GriefPrevention so you can raid/grief/pvp without it interfering!
    --The non_pvpworld uses GrirfPrevention so you can place a chest and use a golden shovel to claim more area! You can add friends into your area by using /trust.
    --The Creative world is a special perk to donators, they get access to a special world in which they will have Creative mode on and can use a chest to claim an area and expand it with a golden shovel. They can create whatever they would like outside of the spawn area, and we may even use a picture of it to promote the server!

---Server Info---
tekkit: 3.1.2
Ram: 8GB - will upgrade to more when the server gets more popular
65 slots
Running 24/7 - Only time its down is when we have to do a quick restart which takes no more than 10 seconds!

Visit our "In Progress" website at

Plugins: GreifPrevention, Multi-verse, Essentials, Buycraft, GroupManager, Limited Creative, SWatchDog

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