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Your on a team of 2 or 3 and there is pvp,raiding and griefing. your team, you stick together. you can go and fight over team and defend yours from over people coming from you. you can not grief unless its a base dont grief spawn or uneccesarly when you grief someone they will have to completly start again wich is good because now you over power them. you wanna be the strongest and best team. THERE WILL BE A STARTING DAY WHERE NO 1 CAN KILL ENY 1 I WILL SAY WHEN IT ENDS, IN THAT TIME THERE IS NO GRIEFING, RAIDING, KILLING ITS THE TIME WHERE YOU CAN STACK UP OF SAPLIES AND DEFEND YOUR BASE WHEN ITS DONE THEN YOU CAN GO AND GRIEF etc...Its COmpletly vanilla and no 1s oped. you can go as far as you want and make your base where ever and however you want.
griefing around spawn
dont have fight wehen you grief them dont say fuck yes or you suck say something like wow those diamond will shore come in handy

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