This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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EbearTekkit: A Private Tekkic Classic Server made


The EbearTekkit Tekkit Classic server is a server that is different from many. We are a small, whitelisted server, that you can play on with your friends for the small price of $10!

Chances are, you're probably sitting there scratching your head going "Who the f*ck thinks they can make a whitelisted server and charge people to get on, and why are they doing it?" We think that we would be able to provide for you the server, but with the whitelist so you can have fun with your friends without instantly being destroyed by some crazy hacker. The whitelist is in effect so you guys can join the server, and no griefers or hackers can join. If they were to pay the $10, they can easily get banned from our servers. We host the server as a single world made for people to play Tekkit Classic Survival and have a great time. People can make YouTube videos, or any of these sorts of things without there being hundreds of people trying to ruin the series/video for them.

Did we mention that YouTubers can get on for FREE?! If you're a YouTuber who has at least 100 standing subscribers, send us an email at with a link to your channel so we can review your channel and add you to our whitelist, FREE OF CHARGE! In return for this, however, we ask that you make at least 1 video on the server, and keep it uploaded to your main channel for the same amount of time as your other videos are uploaded. You will also receive the YouTuber rank, and special support from our staff, who will place top priority on YOU to make sure that your problems are all sorted out.

The server is meant to be a place where you and your friends can get on our whitelist, and come play with each other without the fear that some crazed psychopath is going to destroy you and your creations! If you're looking for a server like that, hop right on!

A Whitelist Slot costs only $10 and can be purchased at, as well as an unban, which can also be purchased there for $10. We hope to see you and your friends on our server sometime soon!

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