This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Note: You must have the Tekkit classic update to play on this server!


Member(Join the server):

  • /tpdeny(Not in pvp/fac world)

  • /tpaccept(Not in pvp/fac world)

  • /tpa(Not in pvp/fac world)

  • /balance

  • /sethome(You can set 3 homes)

  • /modreq(Request a mod for help of grief)

  • /md spider(lets you turn into a spider)(Not in pvp/fac world)

  • /md zombie(lets you turn into a zombie)(Not in pvp/fac world)

  • /md skeleton(lets you turn into a skeleton)(Not in pvp/fac world)

Legend(Play for 60 Minutes ingame):

  • /hat(lets you wear a block as a hat)

  • /itemdb(lets you see item code of a item)

  • /back(lets you go back to your previous location)

  • /md sheep(lets you turn into a sheep)(Not in pvp/fac world)

  • /md cow(lets you turn into a cow)(Not in pvp/fac world)

  • /md pig(lets you turn into a pig)(Not in pvp/fac world)

  • /md chicken(lets you turn into a chicken)(Not in pvp/fac world)

Veteran(Play for 12 Hours ingame):

  • /list(Shows who is online)

  • /tpaccept(Aloud in pvp/fac world)

  • /tpdeny(Aloud in pvp/fac world)

  • /tpa(Aloud in pvp/fac world)

Elder(Play for 48 Hours ingame):

  • /getpos(Gets position and co-ords of player)

  • /ptime(Lets player change own player time)

  • sign colours(Lets you use coloured text on signs)

  • coloured chat(Lets you use coloured chat)

God(Play for 180 Hours ingame):

  • Ability to sit on stairs(Shift and right click on stairs)

  • /me(Able to say something as 1st person)

  • /near(Tells you who is near you in a radius of ...)

All Donator ranks will be shown ingame at /warp donation

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