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MKR has been running as a private server for almost a year, starting on Tekkit 1.25 and then migrating to a custom modpack under 1.4.x. Now running under MCPC+ 1.4.7, we have the benefits of both Forge and Bukkit. We have recently moved to a dedicated server, allowing us to run multiple instances, and we can open our doors to more of the public.

Be Respectful – Everything below generally falls under this rule. If you are respectful to staff and other players, adding to the environment, then you will undoubtedly enjoy being a part of MKR.
No Griefing – This is our main rule and we’re serious about it. We’ve had one incident resulting in one ban in all the time we’ve been running, and we’d like to keep it that way. Griefing includes Killing, Stealing, Exploiting, or Destroying. As a general rule, if it doesn’t belong to you, you should probably leave it alone.
Maintain Maturity – everyone is expected to act maturely. We have no age restrictions and we have some minors in our group, so while we’re all here to have fun, we expect people to act maturely and generally “keep it clean” while with us. We will tolerate zero abusive, racist, or disruptive behavior.
Obey Staff – Our staff isn’t going to spend a lot of time telling you what to do, but if you disobey them, you’re not going to be staying with us very long. Please do not ask to join our staff; if we want you, we will ask you. All current staff has come from our player base.

There is no whitelist for the public server, but until you submit an application and get accepted on our forum, you will not be able to download the client, and new players will not be able to do anything more than explore the world of the Spawn Tower until their application is accepted by one of our staff.

Applied Energistics, Buildcraft 2, Redpower 2, Industrialcraft 2, Thaumcraft 3, Mystcraft, Twilight Forest, GregTech, Forestry, Mine Factory Reloaded, NetherOres, Metallurgy 2, Railcraft, Steve’s Carts, ComputerCraft
XyCraft, Equivalent Exchange 3, Wireless Redstone CBE, and so much more.
Client Mods: VoxelMap, ArmorHUD, Optifine, Inventory Tweaks, Treecapitator, NEI, and more.

Over 170 mods in total

WorldEdit, WorldGuard, LWC, Essentials, McMMO, Multiverse, and more.

Admins: LordSkout, Kmartinator, Doctor_Leroy, Llarryllamma, Rinvalak, & 3lfCommander
Moderators: bherzig

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