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Server Closed For a While



[Survival] - Some severs don't let people play good old minecraft, instead they make people have to live in houses they didn't make and get realistic jobs to get money. Of course if that's what you want you could ask for a job from the village owners or the city but here you have a giant open uninterrupted world for you to do what ever you like (Excluding griefing in the build world).

[24/7] - This is not a sever running off someones computer from 1987. We have our sever running on dedicated 24/7 computers, they have Intel i7 core processors and are based in France, so you will have good connection in Europe(not that the connection anywhere else is bad).

[Bukkit] - Our sever is bukkit, so we have got some useful plugins to keep you safe, to create an economy and lots of others.
]Hunger Games] - Every now and again(we will try and do it every week) we will host the Hunger Games using our very own maps. Also we will have special ranks and prizes for people who win, so get practicing(as i was typing that i just had the idea to make a practice HG that anyone can do anytime) at the practice HG that is coming soon.

[PVP] - Build castles, make weapons and amour, let the battles begin! Here we think creating army's, teams, bases and then fighting sounds like a fun idea, so PVP is on in the No Rules world. If your not that kind of person and you want be build and sleep without being assassinated then go and build in the build world.

[No Whitelist] - Anyone can always have fun at any time, because as long as this servers running there will be no whitelist.
Coming Soon! - Villages and City's!

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