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Shadow Gaming Tekkit server | McMMo | No lag | PVP


Normal Survival 100 Slot server, With Anti-Grief, Anti Steal plugins. And NoCheatPlus Is Protecting From Hacking. Our server is 24/7 Alltime. And We Have PvP On (Beware!) And Mcmmo To Make Playing Much Funnier. Our Staff Is Dedicated And Everytime Ready To Help! Do /helpop To Get Faster Answer, Don't Try /msg, Because It Will Annoy Admins. We Have Normal Mods, And Some Plugins Like Essentials! We Allow To /tpa, /home, /warp Etc. Donate To Get More Features!

Server IP:
Teamspeak Is Coming Soon!
And Vote System Will Come Soon To Receive Free Money!

Our Main Plugins:
Essentials Plugin Pack
And More Useful Plugins!

Use In-Game /buy And Follow Instructions. (ranks is under work still.)


  1. No griefing – we take this really seriously – punching a hole into someone’s house might seem innocent to you but you get a permanent ban here for doing that.
  2. No stealing – basically the upper rule – we don’t tolerate absolutely no stealing of torches and so on. Taking stuff from unlocked chests is allowed though, as it’s the owner’s fault for not locking it.
  3. IMPORTANT: Don’t build near spawn – builds in a 150 block radius from spawn will be removed without warning. Also don’t chop trees, dig dirt and so on in the same radius.
  4. Don’t build gravity defying structures – flying stuff, 1×1 towers, 1×1 holes – they’ll also be removed without warning.
  5. Admins, mods, ops have a life – don’t ask them to tp you to someone, use /call instead
  6. We don’t give items, kits, etc.. this is a survival server.
  7. Don’t be an idiot and don’t troll/spam the chat.
  8. Don’t ask for ranks – i.e. ‘Can i be mod?’ – NO, you can’t, especially if you ask.
  9. Don’t use any cheating mods, eg. x-ray. You will get banned for using them, and we check very often.
  10. Don’t mine in the dark. If you are caught mining in complete darkness you will be banned for x-ray/light mod. Repeating that.
  11. Don’t be immature. Act your age, don’t be a child. Although nothing is enforced, acting immature will make other players ignore you.
  12. Staff members reserve their right to ban anyone for different reasons. It’s pretty logical.
  13. Don’t advertise other servers. If you do, then we are not holding back players to mass-grief your server.

Follow Those 13 Rules, And Everyone Will Have Fun!

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