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LegitTekkit§24/7§GriefPrevention§NoWhitelist§Few b



You should come join us! Its free and we have few banned items! Unlike the other servers where they ban almost everything the only banned items that we have are just Lag/Grief related! Here is the banned items list:
Catalytic Lens, Destruction Catalyst,Evertide Amulet, Infernal Armor, Black Hole band, Ring Of Ignition, Void Ring, Mercurial Eye, Ring Of Arcana,Volcanite Amulet,DM Hammer/ RM hammer,Cannon,Nova catalyst, Nova cataclysm, World Anchors, Igniter.
We are reasonable people if you think that some of these items shouldn’t be banned we will listen to you. Some servers require you to pay money to get anywhere far in the game ours isn’t like that. You can join the first day without paying and have a huge factory by the end of the day! Plus our players are always trying to help others out. Our rules are really simple and easy to follow

  1. No griefing
  2. No spaming.
  3. No advertising what so ever.
  4. No spawn camping.
  5. No hacking
  6. No duping
  7. Don't ask for staff
  8. No drop party’s (People shouldn't start with rm armor.....)
    We don't have many plugins our main plugins are Griefprevention, Essentials,Worldguard,PremissionsEX are our main plugins.
    You should come join us!

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