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Kings of Tekkit Classic


Welcome To Kings of Tekkit

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DISCLAIMER!!!!!!! Timers are set to 0.750 and world anchors are semi "hard" to get read below! (No limits other then that)

24/7 No Lag
We are Kings of Tekkit. We bring you our new SURVIVAL server.
Build an amazing base with tons of factories and an amazing view.
We have protected all your blocks items and containers so feel no fear, just claim your land with a golden shovel.
EMC Farms are allowed and no limits at that!

This will provide a more royal experience ;)


A very small amount of items will impact your gameplay (probably non)
Jump on the server go to /banned

What makes us different?

World Anchors are allowed, but need to be obtained through Voting/ING-Money.
We have in-game ranks unlockable by playtime.
Our playershop allows for use of modded containers such as alchemy chests.
We have recoded majority of lag-causing mods such as ic2 and redpower.
No limits on amount of machines, powerflowers and emc-farms.
Only a very small number of items are banned and we are constantly working on patches, join the server and type /banned to see a list of banned items.

Now join and build something AMAZING!!!!

Alright server with much potential, altho sadly the votes keep getting botted :( as I have been doing YouTube series on this server and have not seen single player in the game besides me, and seen votes going up :\ ... It's great server with lot of hardwork & dedication poured into, sadly modified griefprevention gave slight inconvenience whilest claiming. Tekkit Classic Server with great potential, buuuuuuuuut almost ..not quite ...B+
The server replied:
Thank you for your review, We will take your feedback into consideration.
We have sent a message to tekkitserverlist and they told us to relist the server which would reset votes.
We tried deleting the listing of classic and making a new one, but someone is still botting our votes so we cant really do much.
I have announced this on the discord so hopefully the votes stop. I do not approve of such behaviour as it puts our server in a bad light.
Posted 10th Apr 2021