This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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.: Tekaholics :. Tekkit 3.0.3! Family Friendly! Ma


Okay! Before you start reading this EE is DISABLED on this server. If you dont like it then please don't complain!

Hello everyone!
Im Viper, Co-Owner of the Tekaholics Tekkit server, and this is our server explained! This is a PVP raiding server with an economy side. Well... economy is everything on this server! As you read down this list of infomation you will learn what I mean!

--- Rules --

[1] Respect the staff
[2] No hacking, cheating or X-ray
[3] No greifing spawn
[4] No avoiding tax
[5] Keep swearing to a minimum
[6] No Moaning about greif
[7] No spamming chat
[8] No glitching or duping

--- Staff List ---

[King] deeks1987 (Owner)
[Duke] Austinisftw (Co-Owner)
[Duke] TheOnlyVIper (Co-Owner)

[Lord] tyreke7 (Admin)
[Earl] DG3_PLATINUM (Mod)
[Earl] SlowMo_31 (Mod)

--- Banned Items ---

All of EE (Its never coming back)
Quantom Suit (It's too OP)
Nukes are nerfed

--- Plugin List ---

ChestShop (See Ranks below)
Lockette (See Ranks below)
Factions (See Ranks below)
Cashflow (For Taxes)
Jobs (For money)

--- Rank System ---

IMPORTANT!: Do /rankup to earn the next rank. Make sure you have enough money! All prices are in IGM!

[Guest] (You'll join with this)

  • /rules

[Peasant] (Cost: Free)

  • Buy/Sell with ChestShop
  • /warp
  • /f (Except Create, leave and disband)

[Villager] (Cost: $250,000)

  • /tpa
  • /tpaccept
  • /tpadeny
  • /home
  • /sethome

[Citizen] (Cost: $1,000,000)

  • Lockette Create
  • ChestShop Create

[Mayor] (Cost $5,000,000)

  • Faction Create, kick, disband

--- Donations ---

To keep the server running and upgrade we need the players help. If you need fast in-game money then donate! We use Buycraft and it's now easier to donate with PayPal. All of the money donated goes into keeping the server running. Here is a list of the things in our shop:

  • $200,000 IGM [£2]
  • $500,000 IGM [£5]
  • $1,500,000 IGM [£8]
  • $5,000,000 IGM [£12]

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