This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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TeknicCraft [NOW RECOMMENDED BUILD] [Tekkit] [24/7


This server is now 3.1.2 recommended build!


Welcome to TeknicCraft, We're a tekkit faction pvp server. It's a 30 slot server. We have friendly staff, that will stop all problems to do with the
server that are hack related and could cause the server damage.


  • No X-ray hacks, speedhacks, reach hacks, fly hacks or any other sort of hacks are allowed
  • No spamming
  • Griefing and stealing is allowed
  • No Advertising

Faction Commands:

This is a guide for when you join the server on the basic faction commands.

  • Type the command /f help - ingame command that gives you help with the faction commands.
  • Creating a Faction - Type the command /f create [Name of Faction you want].
  • Claiming Land for your faction - Type the command /f claim - if you want to claim alot of
    land you can use the command /f autoclaim.
  • To join a faction type the command /f join [Faction Name] - sometimes the faction will
    require an invite.
  • To invite someone to your faction type the command /f invite [player name].
  • To leave a faction type the command /f leave.
  • To see the different factions on the server type the command /f list.
  • To see who is in your faction or another faction type the command /f show [faction name]

Staff List:



  • camo711

Master Admin:


  • 1xxparkerxx1

Donation Ranks:
$5.00 USD Lapis Donor-

  • Ability to put blocks on your head (/hat)
  • Fuschia [Lapis Donor] tag
    $10.00 USD Iron Donor-
  • Ability to put blocks on your head (/hat)
  • AFK (/afk)
  • /sethome and /home
  • Purple [VIP] tag
    $20.00 USD Gold Donor-
  • Yellow [VIP] tag
  • Ability to put blocks on your head (/hat)
  • Garbage disposal (/disposal)

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