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Welcome to Tekkitopia, recruit!

We are a one-of-a-kind server with a large focus on maturity and the players wants and needs.
We've been around since December 2010 starting out as a small private vanilla server and has during the years evolved into what we currently are.

We recently opened up our server with a custom modpack and are now accepting players from all around the world.
Join today using our direct IP ( Keep in mind that we're running on a custom modpack, and you'll need to download the official Tekkitopia modpack.
Modpack installation instructions can be found at

What do we have?

We're one of the first Technic communities with a large member-base and a mature environment.
Our staff are mature and experienced and excellent handlers of problems players may experience - and great at conversating with the members.

We currently have a mining world and main world and as you can guess, most of the fabulous building happens in the main world.
The livemap ( is a great tool to ensure you're not stepping on anyones feet when you start to build.

We're keeping a high standard with large focus on the players wishes, regardless if you're a newbie or veteran.
If you have ideas of improvements, post them on our forum - keep in mind that the opinions are many and yours might be counterargued (democracy, yeah!).

The hardware:

We're currently on a hosted solution with the current spesifications;

E3 1241v3 CPU
1TB HDD for backups.
128GB SSD for the gameserver.

The server restarts twice a day to ensure that the server is running smoothly and to give it a chance to flush any memory leakages.
Automated scripts monitor the server and brings it back up in case of a halt.

Sounds great! How do I join!?

Well, first of all you need:

  • To have read the rules.
  • A positive, mature attitude.
  • The modpack.

The rules can be found one or two threads below. The attitude is on you though!
Modpack installation instructions can be found at

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