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The Coven Realm



Become a wolfie!
Make Helicopters!

Make Helicopters!

Soar Over your friends!


Make crap out of other crap!

Welcome to the Coven Realm!
We are a white-listed server that would like to accept any mature (Ish) players, we're a heavily modded custom
modpack which includes over 120 mods, and if we accept your application, you'll be shown how to install it. To
send an application, Just post these things in the applications chat of our Discord Server!

What you'll be doing in the server:
Any crappy reason to join:
Whether or not you have a microphone:
Average hours of playtime (ie 6:00Am EST - 7:00Am EST):
And a link to a meme:

We have work and college so we'll respond quickly, but probably not during bank hours. Thanks!
Here are our basic rules btw:

Rule 1:
Staff has final say in every matter.
Rule 2:
You may not fight or declare war against a player for 24 real hours.
Rule 3:
To declare war on someone, You have to announce it via discord or the in-game chat, and they have to have
received it, meaning if said person was afk, it did not count, or if they aren't online, it does not count.
Rule 4:
A person may not refuse a declaration of war, but simply is acknowledged that they will be attacked soon.
Rule 5:
You may not grief or steal from anyone, without them being online, or you are at war with them.
Rule 6:
When in war with someone, the "War" will last for an hour, and once that hour is over, you may not go to war
again for 24 hours.
Rule 7:
No Hacking/Cheating/Exploits, players will be rewarded for bringing exploits to the knowledge of the staff.

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