This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Tekkcraft Tekkit


Welcome to Tekkcraft Tekkit!

our brand new server signifies a new age for the Tekkcraft World!

The Tekkit Age is an era of peace and thriving economy! the 3 Tekkcraft nations have come out of the warring "Vanilla" and "Voltz" ages to a new era of prosperity. For now at least.

Tekkcraft is slightly unique in the sense that we do not use virtual currency in game: Player run shops use Vending machines from the mod pack to trade in the selected currency of your town.

This new Tekkit age is not all as peaceful as it seems, relationships are tense and the new Enzeru Nation that has mysteriously appeared in time with the dissapearence of the Order Nation has left the Guardians and the Anquietas on edge, as a result, the odd war event occasionally breaks out.

Will the prosperity of the Tekkit age be short lived?

now for the boring part: banned items: none


no griefing towns
no griefing spawn
no stealing in towns
anything goes in the wilderness

no excessive swearing in chat
no racism, sexism or sectarianism - you will not be warned we don't want your type on our servers

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