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Utopia Nation

Welcome! Utopia Nation is an Attack Of The B-Team Server.
We pride ourselves on a lag-free server and reliable hosting!
We are a small server that opened on the 20th Of June 2014, So we aren't that old, but we seem to be generating a good player base and nice community and WE would love YOU to be a part of it!
At the moment we only have Anti-Grief Survival (Protection Stones) but we are currently in the process of adding a factions world due to popular demand. As i said before we are an Attack Of The B-Team Server (Technic Launcher) if you have trouble launching Attack Of The B-Team or any modpack, i have a simple fix for you, if you open the technic launcher and in the top right there will be a 'Gear' type Logo, if you click on that and look for RAM, drop the menu down and add more Ram! (More in depth Videos Elsewhere).
We are currently looking for staff (Mature) you can apply in game for staff and find out more about the dutys that come with being a staff member on our server.


1) Playtime - This plugin allows you to see your overall time spent on the server!
2) ClearLagg - This plugin just removes any items that are dropped on the floor and it helps prevent lag.
3) Planes - Even though this modpack has multiple ways to fly, the planes plugin is really fun. It turns any Minecart into a plane while you are holding a stick (More information on how to use this plugin is in game)
4) Lockette - This plugin goes the extra mile to make sure no-one can access your container blocks of any kind (Including Doors).
5) RandomTP - Don't you just hate running out of a servers spawn just to find that you are running forever trying to find a plot of land to build your house? Not anymore! This plugin will teleport you to a RANDOM location, (I repeat it is completely RANDOM) just with a simple command.
6) ProtectionStones - This plugin will prevent anyone building withing your plot of land, currently we have Emerald Ore (16x16x16) And Emerald Block (64x64x64) You will start with an Emerald Ore, but both Stones are available to buy in the in game shop!


We don't have many rules so the few we do have we expect you to respect and follow or appropriate action will be taken.

1) No Griefing
2) No Glitching
3) No Stealing
4) No Abusing Staff
5) No Asking To Be Staff
6) No Advertising
7) No Spamming
8) No Racism Or Sexism
9) Treat Others How You Want To Be Treated

We Hope To See You Soon!

Remember, We Are An Attack Of The B-Team Server!

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