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If you are looking to just play causally, bring city's down to the ground, or just strive to be the best on several types of game play then this server is for you, We offer 2 diffrent worlds each with a 5k by 5k border and different gameplay/rules If you cannot find a gameplay that seems right for you. try talking to a admin we might just add it
so far there are 2 gameplays.

EASYEE has EE enabled It is on easy dificulty there is no raid no pvp and no grief alloud this world is also for your casual player{
PROEE this world has EE enabled PVP raid and grief are also aloud and the dificulty is set as hard

By now. you may be asking yourself. this sounds great! but are there items band for every world. Yes here is the list
rm and dm pants and boots
quantum chest plate
gemmed armor
volcanite and evertide amulet
blach hole band and transmutation table
world anchor
anchor cart
dimensional anchor
teleport tether and teleport pipes
rings and arcana
archangel smite
detruction catalyst
nova cataclysm
hyper kinetic lens
watch of flowing time
mercurial eye
life stone
rm furnace
sprayer contruction
contruction foam
Thats awesome! am i able to transfer items from one world to another tho.
No each world you have a diffrent inventory hunger etc. when you leave a world with 10 dirt 3 diamonds it gets cleared and you get it back when you enter that world again
This method helps save spawn from being griefed
This method also allows you to play in 2 diffrent gameplays without changing servers how awesome is that!

this is a new server. and i expect there to be alot of bugs in permissions and stuff. you should to, the server includes 12-18hour admin support if you find a bug or something you think just isnt right. please tell minifangs ingame or /mail send minifangs (bug)
The rules are at spawn

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