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Kings of Tekkit! Lite


Kings of Tekkit bring you a Tekkit Lite server,

Check our website or Discord for more info or if you have questions.

The admin team has a strange behavior, invading privacy, and build in your claimed area.
The server has lag spikes, but the behavior of the admin team is the killer of this server.
too bad I had some good 30 hours there..

Posted 15th Nov 2019
very nice staff friendly to new players too
Posted 21st Aug 2019
Hello Hayden123 here. I been playing on this server for some time but i left a few months back for personal reasons, but yeah its nice server they got close to no lag and playershops where i got much money from selling stuff it was pretty fun when i was still playing, but i left because i couldnt play on there anymore for personal reasons, but definitly worth a try if you like tekkit lite modpack XD.
TLDR Fun Chill Tekkit Lite Server
Posted 12th Aug 2019
The most players cheating. Overpriced donation ranks. No active staff to help you. I realized: This server is crap and only the cashcow of the owner.
Posted 11th Aug 2019
The server iz good,believe me
Posted 31st May 2019