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This Is The View Of Your First Join
You Have To Take A Labyrinth Test About The Rules
Free Public Machinery

Madcraft is overall a good server, Come check us out! We Have an amazing Spleef Arena, the hardest parkour you can find and the easiest you can find.
Our staff are friendly and welcomes new players ALL the time. We have many plugins such as Factions for player fun, LWC for protection, essentials for obvious reasons, and even coreprotect to get those pesky griefers.
We offer a player friendly spawn with diffrent features. We have playershops where players may buy and sell shops aswell as items in those shops with the use of a plugin called SCS.
We hope you will come try us out, vote, and even post a comment. ^_^



  1. AntiCreeper- NO CREEPER GRIEFS :)
  2. Clear Lagg- Clear the entities that cause mutch lagg
  3. Color Op- Tell who is a real OP for player friendly staff
  4. CommandSigns- For staff to make the server a bit more... Spicey
  5. CoreData or Coreprotect- This will help us catch and rollback the griefers aswell as we have installed the EE patch
  6. Disablecraft- to ban items(Probably switching to tekkitcustomizer)
  7. DropClear- Clears drops after a certian amount of time to reduce lagg
  8. ALL Essentials- Obvious reasons
  9. Factions- To incorporate player fun
  10. Groupmanager- For defined staff
  11. Iconomy- To incorporate player fun
  12. Jail- Truthfully I have no clue ^_^
  13. Lockette- For a grief protection and for people who dont like/use LWC
  14. LWC- For a more user friendly use of grief protection
  15. ShowCaseStandalone- To incorporate player fun which is used to make SHOPS which you may buy or sell items.
  16. TekkitRestrict- TO STOP THOSE PESKY DUPERS
  17. TimeIsMoney- Get money for play time on the server
  18. Votifier- Get things when you vote!!!
  19. World Guard- To protect regions like spawn
  20. WorldEdit- To help us regen world griefs and do big builds for the server
  21. WorldSaver- To save the server periodicly for NO lose of data.


1: No Greifing
2: No Hacking
3: No Spamming
4: No Pissing Off Staff
5: No Talking Crap About The Server On The Server
6: Listen To All Staff The First Time
7: No Lying To Staff
8: No Advertising
9: No Using Banned Items
10: No Duping
11:Have FUN!!!!

Banned Items:

1: Destruction Catalyst
2: Catalytic Lens
3: Heyperkinetic Lens
4: Nuke
5: Red Matter Hammer, Morning Star
6: Ring Of Ignition
7: Gem Chestplate
8: Volcanic, Water Amulets
9: Mercurial Eye
10: Ring Of Arcana
11: Pretty Much Explosions
12: World Anchor
13: Dementinal Anchor
14: Black Hole Band
15: Watch Of Flowing Time
16: Certain Dynamite
17: TNT Cart
18: Black Whole Chest
19: Tank Cart
20: Tunneling Boar
21: CFF Sprayer

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