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pin_drop (private server)

Want to play tekkit with friends? Do you have no friends? Well then, this server is the one for you!

MC Username: InfiNite098
Discord: InfiNite #7132

19 year old player, first played Tekkit back in 2013, taken a few years off, but looking to get back into it would love to the chance to play on a mature community server, thanks
Posted 15th Apr 2018
I'm an old school fan and I've been looking for a good mature server!

IGN: Devcha
Discord: Devcha#1452
Posted 28th Mar 2018
hi, i'd like to join

ign: PossiblePizzaman
discord: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa#9411
Posted 22nd Mar 2018
I would love to join the server as its something i have been looking about for quite along time

IGN: keelan487
Discord: keelan#8594
Posted 17th Mar 2018
Finally! Was looking for something like this, I'd love to join!

IGN: PrimalCyndaquil
Discord: PrimalCyndaquil#3286
Posted 15th Mar 2018
Ign: WineMeDineMe69Me
Discord: SofaKing#6778

I would like to join this server :)
Posted 23rd Feb 2018
I would love to join :D
My ign is Mysticsurfer and my discord is Dwarfawsome#6430
Posted 12th Feb 2018
I'd sure like to join, my discord is maxx#4415 and ign is itsmaxx_
Posted 11th Feb 2018
Would love to finally settle for a serious server after much searching and playing on several other servers.



Looking forward to sinking some 300 hours into this one if possible. xD
Posted 8th Feb 2018
Would like to join ASAP looks like a good opportunity!

Discord - Tommy#9847
MC IGN - VladimirTommy
Posted 7th Feb 2018
I want to join the server, al my friends hate tekkit ;(. so i would like to play on the server

Posted 3rd Jan 2018
Hello I would like to play on this server if there is a nice community.
Posted 1st Jan 2018
Please can I get into the server my discord username is KD and the number is #7831.
Posted 29th Dec 2017
Would love to give this a shot.

Please contact me on Skype

or Discord
Posted 14th Nov 2017
Could i get into the server somehow? my in game name is iCobruh
Posted 12th Nov 2017
Hey, i would like to join the server, is there any kind of form to fill out or something else?
Posted 8th Nov 2017
Would love to join if this is an actual server. <3
Posted 3rd Sep 2017
Would love to join a server not full of people who are just playing to annoy and grief people names "Bobiew" in game would love to join :)
Posted 25th Aug 2017
Would love to join this server. Username is Netizen538 looking forward to joining :)
Posted 4th Aug 2017
Can i join? can't find a decent server
Posted 22nd Jul 2017
Hey, looking to get into Tekkit to do a few enormous projects by hand. Rather sick of younger audience/less mature servers. How does one go about a whitelisting?
Posted 2nd Jul 2017
Hey, my roommate and I just started playing Tekkit again. Would we be able to join y'all on this server perhaps?
Posted 19th Jun 2017
Hey I Would love to Join been, looking for a good server. I'm also looking for snk115. Thanks
Posted 11th Jun 2017
Would like to join/apply, am a mature player and can work well with others, very good knowledge of the modpack and how it works. Where/how does one get an invite? :-)
Posted 5th Jun 2017
i'm 18 and have been looking for a good tekkit classic server i'm fairly new to tekkit and would like to learn how is it i can be white listed to this server?
Posted 5th Jun 2017
Would love to give this server a try.
Posted 22nd May 2017
I may only be 13 but I know how to play the game and its tips and tricks, I usually like to help people, to get them started or if just need one item left to complete a block, I am mature and can get along with others, especially adults.
Posted 7th May 2017
were can i apply to join this sever
Posted 19th Apr 2017
Hello, I'd really like to join this server, I'm a 16 year old tech junkie and I think I'd be a good addition to the server,so could I please be whitelisted?
Posted 5th Apr 2017
I am 21 years old, i have not played Minecraft in over a year. I came back to one of my favorite modpacks, but all the server's i find they are rather unsupportive. This sounds rather interesting how does one join/apply?
Posted 27th Mar 2017
Hello. Im a 52 year old Tekkit junkie. Have been playing MC since a year after it came out. I love the game. (mostly Tekkit Classic). The only stipulation I have is the Mercurical eye. I hope it's not banned. I would love to join your server and check it out. thanks Snk115
Posted 14th Feb 2017
The server looks very interesting how could I join or where could i apply??
Posted 14th Feb 2017
anyway i can join this server
Posted 11th Feb 2017