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[3.0.4] Parsonage [Residence][McMmo][Survival][Ded


Parsonage is an up to date server with experienced staff and a friendly community. Looking for valued players such as yourself if your reading this

Parsonage comes equipped with Tekkit 3.0.4 and a whole can of woop ……. butt

Personal Teleporter’s
Rollback Protection
Enderdragon respawns
Friendly Community
EE and additional pipes are disabled

Since so many people come to the server afraid of griefing, not knowing about residence. I decided to write a section to explain how easy it is to protect your stuff and yourself from griefers on Parsonage. Players can spend a matter of seconds to buy or create their own residence. This in turn lets a player control what happens in there very own home. They can control whether monsters are on it, who can have access to the land, who can build on the land, ect. So have no fear you can play on Parsonage without some troll coming to ruin your day.

I have no idea why you would want to read this, but I feel if you really want to get to know our server before you join the best way how is to know what we are about and where we came from. Starting off back in the day I rember being hooked to minecraft and found out to no surprise a few of my friends did too. Out of that I made a bukkit server for me and friends to play on. I had to shut it down due to real life events but then saw technic after never having played a single mod before and just HAD TO TRY IT that led to me an a few friends playing a server hosted off my machine and then BAM tekkit hits and Im like I have to get the server going again. So I decided to take Parsonage public when tekkit 2.1.1 came out since then it has GROWN more then I ever expected. We have had our incidents much like every other server and unfortunatly lost good players along the way because of them, but we drove on and that how we got to where we are today. We are always welcoming new players whether its players new to Parsonage or new to tekkit. I hope you will give us a try.

We want to know what you think about us. We encourage you to write a review of our server on the technic forums. Tell us what you like and what you dont like about us an help us improve our community for you.
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