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Tekkit Ultimate - Providing the best tekkit experience with no banned items.

We offer:

  • Absolutely no lags at all!
  • Unique ranking system!
  • Events and minigames!
  • Custom content (minigames, features etc.)
  • Great community
  • Friendly staff
  • No Pay-2-Win
  • No Crashes!
  • Survival
  • Factions
  • Fun!
Its an ok server until the staff come online, which is all the time because for some reason they have more staff than players. All as power hungry as the next. Also when it says players 26/1000 it actually means players 6/1000 then add a fake 20 players to make it look as if its busy server.
Posted 16th Jul 2018
Server LIES!
Can't login half the time!
And I got JAILED FOR NO F@*$*&$* REASON...
Posted 13th Jul 2018
we can not in the server but we have no white list and we love tis server can we join ur server katte en jordydutchgame give us a white list
Posted 8th Feb 2017
cannot connect at all always cannot connect to server
Posted 6th Feb 2017
The survival is not working for me anymore
Posted 16th Dec 2016
All the "Good" reviews are forced, as they are giving their users rewards for good reviews, not the best server in my opinion, considering its #1... I ould give it a 3/5.. but the fake reviews show the server owner can't seem to take what's given.. so i unfortunately had to give it 1/5
Posted 26th Nov 2016
Really good staff, they make it all fun. There is quite alot of serverlag. I think if they fix the serverlag this server would be perfect!
Posted 23rd Nov 2016
they use fake reviews, COMPLETE and utter trash server with trolling staff
Posted 30th Oct 2016
After comparing numerous Tekkit Classic servers, I personally found this one to be the best, most enjoyable one to play on. The rules are fair, there aren't many disabled items, the community is great and very friendly, and the staff are helpful and active. The server can lag from time to time, but as can any server with lots of players. Definitely worth playing here in my opinion. :)
Posted 9th Oct 2016
they removed my not finish farm (blazerod) and i got jailed

i cant get my things back, and the staff member
was not friendly over for me



Posted 23rd Sep 2016
There're a few bumps along the road, the server is far from perfect. However, I have found this server to be by far the most enjoyable server to play. I don't know what staff all of these other reviews are talking about - The staff I have played with are friendly and helpful, and their grammar is generally good, something I don't see often in online games.

I am kind of annoyed because there are a few things that are disabled, but these are the types of items that cause server crashes, and the owner (or maybe co-owners?) seem to work to get that list to a minimum. While things like the teleport pipes don't work, ComputerCraft is enabled, so all of my coding needs are met. ^_^ All in all, I have greatly enjoyed my months playing on this server.
Posted 18th Sep 2016
uhh.. time to get this server out of its misery.

all the 5/5 reviews on this server are fake. you can tell because everyone of them look like someone wrote them with the same line of text in mind. every review except the 1/5's have *come and join the fun, what are you waiting for! come and join us..* this server is just advertising its bullcrap. its run by 4 year olds that just want to control everyone obsessively. you should stay away from this server unless you want to be pulled into this peice of bak'tags server.
Posted 30th Aug 2016
Complete and utter trash.
Posted 24th Aug 2016
Besides the lies in the ads that say no banned items and there being a plethora of banned items, this server is great if you are seeking a vacation from common sense. Have fun figuring out their host of arbitrary and asinine rules as interpreted by a 12 year old with self-diagnosed Aspergers. You will quickly realize the people who have donated are god's gift to man and you are the scum of the earth for endeavoring to play on their server. How dare you, you piece of garbage.
Posted 18th Aug 2016
Dear LORD this server is PAIN AND SUFFERING. The advertisements are just lies (there ARE banned items.. Lots of them, and banned for no reason (owner inexperienced?)). You've gotta love how almost all of the good reviews are either rushed or contain the same message (something like "Hope to see you there" or "Great server good experiences!"), sorta gives it away that they're either using a BOT or just asking people to write some quick review in exchange for a reward to combat all the reviews they're getting that show how bad the server really is.

It'd be nice if the Tekkit Server List staff actually personally reviewed these servers just to make sure that they're not run by 4 year olds and administrated by 4 year olds.

Almost all of the page-1 servers on this server list site look like they're being owned by DJ Keemstar himself.
Posted 6th Aug 2016
This server is NOT what you want to play on if you have a reasonable amount of sense. They actually force their staff to make good reviews in exchange for their ranks to be kept. The owner is extremely inactive (probably doesn't care about the server at all apart from the fact that it gives him money due to stupid kids who donate) and the staff are extremely inexperienced. The staff don't listen to advice on how to properly administrate the server and do not speak proper English like a professional staff member should. New members are treated like trash whilst donators get to break every rule possible (along with staff having the ability to do the same). Seriously, if you want to stay mentally healthy, DO NOT JOIN THIS SERVER. It really is bad for you. It gets boring easily and every single person who ever contributed to it is clearly blind or power-hungry. I hope, one day, humanity does not produce such trash.
Posted 6th Aug 2016
Been playing on this server since 2013. It's amazing and i've had amazing experiences on it.
Posted 6th Aug 2016
This server is autism incarnate. The staff have absolutely no idea what they're doing, users treat newer users like trash and one of the players even had the courage to say that he would get me punished for complaining about the lie on their advertisement about no banned items. Here's my proof:

I asked them why they were banning essentials like Wireless Redstone and Teleport Pipes. Their response was "it causes crashes so we dont want it". I used to have a server running that crashed, what, once every week/2weeks and it only had one banned item: World anchors. Nothing else was disabled/banned. And, hell, my server wasn't even exactly expensive, it was on low-budget equipment!

So all in all, this server's trash. Don't play on it, and nearly every server on the same page as this one ranges from 80% to 100% autism incarnate.
Posted 5th Aug 2016
When i got onto the server i was greeted by a sign telling me to go look at the banned items list despite the server being advertised as a no banned or disabled items server. I asked the moderators about this and they started in denial until another senior moderator decided to actually look at the post. Afterwards he started preaching to me about how the items were not blocked if you put in the dedication to become an admin. Overall horrible experience on the server
Posted 5th Aug 2016
Servers staff act as if every word is the end of the word. If you are above 14 this server is not right for you. Freedom of speech is extremely limited to the point where the word drug once or messaging your friend a bad word will get you in trouble.
Posted 29th Jul 2016
No banned items. what else do you want ? Check it out
Posted 21st Jul 2016
Server is hosted by a datacenter renowned for allowing it's clients to DDoS, I was banned for telling people this information as it was classified by the owner and he claimed it was lies.
Posted 18th Jul 2016
Great server with a lot of great people!
Posted 6th Jul 2016
Amazing staff and LOADS of fun.

Great events
Posted 6th Jul 2016
Come join in on the fun!

Great community with friendly and helpful staff.
Posted 6th Jul 2016