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Tekkit-Lite Vanilla Anarchy, no banned items (myst


Sorry for the flashy title, oy vey.

So after crawling through laggy restricted to hell tekkit lite servers i decided to host my own, the IP is

There are NO banned/restricted items and pretty much anything goes, as far as admins or staff are concerned only "zakanater19" is anything other than a normal member, please do not be fooled.

Alright ill just lay down the rules here because why should i build a nice spawn to have it greifed by some assclown with dynamite or some simular bypassing bullshit.

  1. No hax, of course i can't really stop you guys, but if i catch you out-right i will warn/kick/ban

  2. Duping is shitty and broken but please dont dupe {it makes me cry evrytme ;(}

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