This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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NeosCorp Reborn[PvP][EE][Factions][35 Slots][Grief


Neos Reborn is a server in which players are able to test a different way to play tekkit.

In this server you start as a normal SSP play, so you have to find resources, build your first house and plus you have to defend yourself from mobs and other players.

Also, in this server, you can raid/grief other player bases, create your own faction, make allys, do wars, build your own industrial empire!

Player have the possibility to use the following commands:

/spawn: return to the spawn.

/home: for setting own homes

/tpa Teleport

This server has the following plugins:

  • Faction

  • Essentials

  • World Edit

  • World Guard

  • PermissionsBukkit

And the following rules:

1) Don't ask for OP or items spawning.

2) Don't spam in the chat and don't use CAPS.

3) Racism will not be tollerated.

4) Respect the staff and the other players.


DM, RM Furnace, Hammer
All Rings
All Stones
All Amulet

Player Slot: 35


This server is hosted in Europe and run Tekkit 3.1.2

IP Address:

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