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[1.4.7]Mayhem[PVE][25][ModPack(155):Plus Multi]


IP: (
uptime: 24/7

Installation :

Technic Platform (download the new one)

Open your technic platform
Click add new pack
Click add new pack again (if it doesn't pop up a window)
In the dialogue window, c&p
Click 'Add Modpack'
go to there is an image for the settings.
This is the launcher's setting, the wrench in the top right.
I use server version : 3.3.2
START or Login or what ever you do

details of modpack :

CAQ (Commonly Asked Questions)

Naming just a few ideas, how can I get ...

- Spam, Harass, start agruments
- Impersonate
Account reset
- Spawn Killing

Now these ethical rules:

Landscape Massacre - Nope, chuck testa.
- this means replant the trees! REPLANT THE RUBBA TREES!
- (else the chunck will be regenerated, and maybe your base too!)
- NO 1x1 or 2x2 towers! this includes holes (with no latters)

I want to have a community that can build with no limits, survival only.
If someone wants to test out a plugin/mod, Let's do it!

I always get frustrated that I join a TKlite server and can't use MFR deployer or w/e.
Now some things like world anchors, What if that player stops playing?
I don't care if there are a bunch of afk'ers.
I don't care if you multi login either.

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