This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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CreepyBeast Tekkit


Welcome to CreepyBeast!

CreepyBeast is a brand new Tekkit Classic (3.1.2) server.

It is currently alpha and work in progress.

CreepyBeast will soon feature multiple worlds, donations, shops, donaters get more items! Jobs and Towny Extra will soon be added.

This is the use of multiple worlds:
Regular users play in the standard world.
Celebs can choose between a normal-generated and the standard world.
Jokers can choose between a normal-generated world, a super flat world and the standard world.
Kings and Queens can choose between SkyBlocks, a super flat world and a normal-generated world.
Emperors can generate their own worlds and choose from:
Planetoids, Super flat, standard-generated or SkyBlocks.

Regular is free to play!
Celeb: £2/2.41€ per month
Joker: £7/8.30€ per month
King and Queen: £15/17.00€ per month
Emperor: £30/35.00€ one time.

What you get in return:
Celeb: 10 diamonds, 500 bonus claim blocks
Joker: 10DM, 64 Diamonds, 1000 bonus claim blocks
King: 64DM, 32RM, 20 advanced machine blocks, 15 HV solar arrays
Queen: 64DM, 64RM, 64 advanced machine blocks, 32 HV solar arrays, Swiftwolf's rending gale
Emperor: 2x64RM, 32 Collectors MK 3, 32 Relay MK3, Swiftwolf's rending gale, destruction catalyst, klein star omega and 5000 bonus claim blocks.

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