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X-Craft Tekkit


X - Craft Tekkit

X-Craft Tekkit is a brand new Tekkit server that offers, no grief, and no lag. As the owner of X-Craft I have had nearly 2 years of experience with hosting servers and have always maintained, high quality performance, coupled with a friendly, welcoming community.

In order to make sure we stay a community and not a server full of grief and 10 year olds with anger issues.. we run a whitelist, and use Hawkeye and LWC to protect our valued members. We have a fairly mature player base and many of our players are in there LATE teens or between 20 and 40yrs of age.

If you're of a mature nature, want to build and be left alone, knowing your items will be safe when you return, OR want to meet new friendly ppl who enjoy helping and building. A place where griefing is next to non-existent and issues and bugs are dealt with immediately.. a place where you aren't just another number on a server, but a valued member of a growing community.. Then visit our website and fill in an application form. We attempt to respond to all applications within 10 hours.


No Griefing
No Swearing
No Cheating
No Exploiting glitches.. dupe or otherwise
No Hassling players or begging for items.
No Trespassing - If you are found inside another players house without his/her permission you will not be given the opportunity to explain yourself. You wouldn't like it if it was the other way around.

Any exploits found are to be reported to a member of staff as soon as possible.

Be respectful to other players.. Some players prefer to play alone, give them plenty of space to build.

Plugin List

Essentials - Core
Hawkeye - For rolling back any griefing that may occur, and catching griefers.
LOCKETTE - Updated with all Tekkit machine ID's.

Disabled Mods

Unfortunately due to a bug with dimensional doors, we are no longer able to leave this mod running on our server. When the creator of the mod, has fixed the issues with the mod, it will be returned to our mods list. You need not do anything to your client in order to log in. It is disabled server side.

System specs

Our current is as follows..

Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-3770 CPU @ 3.40GHz

32GB of dedicated ram

Full Dedicated server (NOT a VPS)

1TB SATA Drive

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