This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Local Shops and Econemy
Some towns have governments
Build whatever your heart desires
Some people build to the skies

-I do not own this server it is hosted and owned by someone else but it has almost no players but its super fun so I made this page in hopes of boosting its popularity if you are to play please read the rules and banned items bellow ~p.s. I know there's a ton of banned items including most of EE but it was still fun it gave us a challenge and me and my friends loved it.-

Hi there everybody im RM and ill be walking you through the rules today,

Be respectful to other players and especially staff,
Do not kill other players - No matter the reason,
Do not grief,
Do not dupe,
Try to have as much fun as possible,

Banned items:
Catalytic Lens,
Destruction Catalyst ,
Evertide Amulet ,
Infernal Armor ,
Abyss Helmet,
Harvest Goddess Band ,
Black Hole Band,
Void Ring ,
Mercurial Eye,
Ring of Arcana,
Swiftwolf's Rending Gale - Calls lightning to injure players even when PvP is off, and the knockback effect enables animal theft.,
Watch of Flowing Time,
Volcanite Amulet ,
All Dark Matter Tools ,
All Red Matter Tools,
Red Matter Furnace ,
Cannon ,
Nova Catalyst,
Nova Cataclysm,
Igniter ,
World Anchor,
Anchor Cart,
Feed Station ,
Tunnel Bore and all bore heads ,
Work Cart ,
Industrial and Howler Alarms,
Frame Motor ,
Tesla Coil ,
Dark Matter Pedestal,
Energy Collector I, II, and III - Converting renewable energy sources to non-renewable ores undermines the server economy.
All hammers added by Bolken's mod,
Alchemical Tome,

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