This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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TekkitClassic Server by MLanturnTP


This is a TekkitClassicServer by: MLanturnTP, They call it Dantek, But we all know it's MLanturnTP's server XD

The rules are at the spawn and if you break any of them you either get a warning or get banned!

The banneditems are at the spawn but don't worry has the /warp chaos world has no banned items and some of the items that are banned on the list. Are not truely banned so watch out !!

The chaos world is a faction/pvp/raiding world and the spawn/server world is the golden shovel protection world with no raiding unless the player hasn't protected there land...

Can't find any ores ??? Do /warp resources for epic ammounts of ores !

Great server, We all love you MLanturnTP!

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