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Skytech Tekkit Server


Hey Folks!

EE fully enabled!

We are whitelisted, because of many griefers :) (Through rollback we can spot those Griefers, yeah!)

We have:

A public mine,
Large housing area,
friendly Admins and Owners
rubber tree farms
and much much more!

As normal donations are appreciated and we are looking for Admins, if we see minecraftians who are working hard and don't break the rules you can be upgraded to Admin status. EE is allowed. Monsters are now on we had a vote and almost everyone wanted monsters on creepers will be disabled as everyone hates them blowing up their homes and stuff :(

Protection stone:
Guess what guys: You can now protect your own homes with a protection stone!
Do not abuse this feature E.g do not place protection stones on peoples homes that aren't protected you will get a temp-ban! (We don't have LWC, so protect your Chests with those stones!)

Coal Ore gives 11x11x11 protection area.
Lapis Ore gives 21x21x21 protection area.
Diamond Ore gives 41x41x41 protection area.
You can buy these ores from the shop don't worry about how you will get them.


  1. No griefing
  2. No abuse or swearing
  3. No pleading for Admin or Items
  4. No nicknames
  5. No stealing
    If you brake those rules, you'll get a temp-/ban!

Have fun and see you soon!

server provider: Red Ranger's

Uptime: 99.8% may crash sometimes as tekkit is a little buggy :/

Server suggested Texturepack: Sphax Pure BDcraft

Server Owners and Admins: Boxy333, Fedrotech

Server Admins: Galxis; but we're still searching for more!

Also vist our website:

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