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I would like to invite you to a new tekkit server called relelntlesscraft below is a breif description about the server .

This is a Tekkit Pack survival server. What is Tekkit? Tekkit is a collection of the best mods in Minecraft, all combined and working together under one install with no setup required of the player. The result is Minecraft is much deeper, the end game is much further out and the sheer amount of things to do is increased. The best part is the core Minecraft game is still the same. If you want you can still live in a wood house with your diamond armor, or you can set up a fuel refinery, manufacture your own jetpacks and sail across the landscape as you glean it for resources while protecting your operations with tesla coils.The server is on survival mode, this means that there is no item spawning, everything on the server is build legitly. Not even the admins or Jordan (The owner) himself spawn items.We’re a friendly community with an 50 slot, dedicated high speed server and a 24/7 uptime. Players live together in Factions, where they can thrive and work together. We also have LWC for you to lock your chests, furnaces and doors.(Please note you cant protect your tekkit machines ).

Banned items

Crafting Table II


Zero ring

ring of ignition

mining laser




world edit

world guard


and logblock soon!

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