This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Evolution Servers Tekkit Lite =NEW=


Some Useful Information:

  • All reports are made in this section. [Link]
  • Only donate to the server using this link. [Link]
  • TeamSpeak: [Link]
  • Gold shovels are used to protect your homes.
  • An admin can block PVP in your claim.

Basic Rules:

  • No fighting in chat, If you need to report it use this link. [Reports]
  • No 100x1 towers that serve no purpose.
  • No hacking. [X-Rays can be easily picked out]
  • No stealing.
  • No racism.
  • No repetitive targeting.
  • No glitching.
  • No duping.
  • No spam.
  • No advertising.
  • No teleport killing.
  • No profanity.
  • You must respect everyone.
  • No scamming.
  • Do not abuse unbanned items.


  • If your reactor explodes and your house is destroyed, it is your own fault.
  • If someone somehow destroys your home with an explosion of any sort it can be reported.


  • Stealing of any sort is frowned upon here. [1st offence is a one day ban]
  • Upon your second offence you will be permanently banned.
  • Stealing from unprotected homes are not allowed. [Does not apply to expired claims]


  • You may not repetitively kill someone because you do not like him/her for some ridiculous reason.
  • Ex: Repetitively killing Johnny because he wont let me live with him.
  • You will be banned for a day on the first offence.

Teleport killing:

  • You may not kill anyone teleporting to you or anyone near you.
  • Includes all forms of teleporting.
  • Ex: Asking Johnny to TPA to you so you can kill him and steal his items.
  • You will be banned for a day on the first offence.


  • Building anything like swastikas and other ugly pixel arts are not tolerated.
  • Stealing from someones home can be classified as griefing.
  • Destroying someones home can also be classified as griefing.
  • You will be banned for a day on the first offence.

Banned Items:(Needs some work.)

  • 11555:*:Crossbow
  • 4077:*:Teletethers
  • 5432:*:Rift Blade:Claim bypass.
  • 154:*:Marker:Too large of quarrys
  • 11563:*:Musket:Bypass Playerclaims
  • 31997:49:Loader
  • 2048:*:Spot Loader
  • 11551:*:Musket:Bypass playerclaims
  • 11552:*:Musket:Bypass playerclaims
  • 11520:*:Spear:Bypass playerclaims
  • 11521:*:Spear:Bypass playerclaims
  • 11522:*:Spear:Bypass playerclaims
  • 11523:*:Spear:Bypass playerclaims
  • 11524:*:Spear:Bypass playerclaims
  • 5430:*:Door
  • 30208:*:Lol
  • 27002:*:Stone:Fux of with that shit
  • 11530:*:Axe
  • 11531:*:Axe
  • 11532:*:Axe
  • 11533:*:Axe
  • 11534:*:Axe
  • 237:*:Nuke
  • 2040:*:ChunkLoader
  • 27003:*:Philos stone
  • 3120:8:Weather
  • 209:*:Turle
  • 155:*:Filler
  • 387:*:Mystcraft
  • 201:*:Mystcraft
  • 8959:*:Mystcraft
  • 9268:*:Canvas Bag
  • 6362:*:REP
  • 25030:*:PowerFist
  • 11568:*:Boomrang
  • 11569:*:Boomrang
  • 11570:*:Boomrang
  • 11571:*:Boomrang
  • 11572:*:Boomrang
  • 237:*:Nuke
  • 25026:*:power armor
  • 25027:*:power armor
  • 25028:*:power armor
  • 25029:*:power armor
  • 239:*:industrial tnt
  • 4090:*:anchor
  • 11561:*:cannon
  • 11559:*:dynamite
  • 30215:*:Dynomite
  • 30214:*:sticky dynamite
  • 4077:*:Teletethers:No chunk loading
  • 154:*:Marker:Too large of quarrys
  • 5430:*:Door

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