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TaylorMade Tekkit!


We are a small, simple tekkit server, for those who don't want any of the mish mash of plugins those big servers have. PVP is disabled so no more losing your stuff to that annoying guy with the big sword ;)

Simple rules:
Build big, but build beautiful please dear god no ugly buildings!
EE is enabled, we are trusting you not to abuse it
No greifing
No theft
Any destructive tools have been disabled e.g. Red Morning Star, Nuke etc. (sorry for any inconvenience but people prefer it when there aren't any huge holes in the ground)

Plugins: iConomy, Chest Shop, Homes, Warps, LWC (Coming soon) and Tree Assist (Prevents those pesky floating trees)

By the way, Have Fun! :)


Although it is a very simple server with few rules we are looking for staff. Most of all someone who is savvy with configs and plugins to help better configure things as my knowledge is limited. But we are also looking for admins and moderators too :)
Any applications you can reach me through the Yogscast Forum as SilentSkies or email at

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