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Tekkit Legends

Tekkit Legends


This server is exclusively for my Youtube Subscribers to play on my let's play world.

The IP is:

To join all you have to do is:
Be one of my youtube subscribers:
Like the video above and comment on the video above something like this
"I would like to be Whitelisted my ING is: "

Allow up to 24hours for me to see the comment and add you to the whitelist.

The server has some rules to ensure everyone has a good time.
All actions on the server are logged and can be undone and griefers are banned


  1. Be nice (not nice people will be removed)
  2. Do not try to grief anybody
  3. Use the provided land protection (learn the plugin Grief Prevention)
  4. Report problems with /mail send Nithlus
  5. Don't exploit bugs, report them.
  6. Do not attempt to get around the banned item restrictions.
  7. If it feels like your doing something wrong then you are, so stop doing it.

Those that don't follow the rules will have everything they have done since joining rolled back like they never existed and will be banned so breaking the rules is literally is a waste of your time because it will be undone.

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