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RageTekkit 3.0.4 24/7 with no lag at all!



RageMC Tekkit 3.0.4
We have our own stable and very powerfull server from a world class dedicated server hosting company, not those cheapshot weak mc hosts but a really reliable enterprise class machine making it possible for us to host tekkit with totally no serverside lag or stalling even with nukes blowing up here and there and over 150 turtles dancing (TESTED!)

What will you find on our server:
-CRACKED SERVER! "Not premium? No problem! :)"
-A WORKING EE, Turtles, Quarrys, Deployers and Breakers!
-30-50 players = still 20tps...!!!
-Constantly fixing everything possible to fix :D
-Admins and Owners that actually listen to the community and add stuff they prefer!
-Player-Owned SHOPS!
-Awesome builds
-Nice community
-Cool plugins
-Mature staff
-A high uptime!
and much more!

We allow faction raids, griefing or unprotected houses and stuff, but at minimum (like stealing stuff from chests :D )
Do not ask for ranks, if you think you have what it takes to be our staff member, apply on our forums!
Do not ask for free stuff from admins, We make giveaways sometimes! But dont ask for something by spamming the staff!
Use common sence, spamm and caps is annoying for everyone so think before you do that!
Respect other players, and remember, this is a PVP server!
Dont scream "laaaaagg!!" try checking if its you or the server 1st by typing in /lag

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