This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Welcome to MachineTekkit, a new, well-developed, and friendly server.

We have plugins for grief protection, locking of machines and chests, towns/nations and war, multiple worlds, portals, and many more! MachineTekkit has 5 fully functional worlds for you to play in and explore. These five worlds are:

  • Spawn: Our spawn, any more explanation needed?
  • Town-World: The world for you to live in, but quarries and pumps are banned.
  • Resource-World: The world for high-intensity resource gathering. This is where you can use quarries and pumps.
  • Nether: The Nether... With ores... Quarries are allowed, pumps are not.
  • End: Endermen, Ender Dragon, 'nuff said.

The Nether, End, and Resource Worlds will be regenerated weekly on Sunday, so make sure to remove your machines from there to avoid deletion.

We are accepting applications for staff. Apply on our forums.

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