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WELCOME TO ChesterCraft!-

This server is not a server that you usualy see its filled with friendly admins and mods and we also listen to the comunity most of the time any way but we have one problem about the server your not in it so please join and tell your friends about it so you and us can enjoy the aamazing minecraft mutiplayer all together
The Unique PvP , Hardcore Factions, Griefing, Chestshop(ing), MCMMO - Server!
ChesterCraft is wanting to make it to the top of PMC!

-Staff is fair and reasonable overall and do not complain or ask for op, mod, admin, or owner.
Do not ask for items to be spawned. All of these things can result in a jail, tempban, or kick.
Do not whine about getting raided or griefed. No 'Extreme Griefing either.' A MobArena and PVP-Arena will be built soon enough to please the players of SmiteCraft. Do not advertise other servers, hack, be any type of 'butthole'.
Drop Parties will be held whenever a specialized staff person may feel like it. Note that this server is still in the progress so you will need to wait for things like the MobArena, PVP-Arena, and more to be built. Staff is working as hard as possible to build the things that meet your needs. We are always looking for new ideas for the server. Contact me or the Owner of the server to let us know. Skype is an option but is most likely not going to happen.
Most of our rules are like other servers rules as well. Let us know if there is a problem and we will try to make it even itself out or help you at your need. Like said before, do not ask for items to be spawned. Donation Info has not been decided yet but soon enough it will be. Let us know and we will try to help!
Also! SmiteCraft is looking for new things to add to the server. New Plug-ins, new shop items, new structures, etc.
And tell us if you vote for us, The ChesterCraftserver! This helps the community grow. Spread the word! We are trying to get as many people as we possibly can to play ChesterCraft. Let us know if there is a problem with something if there is.
if you have any complaints about the staff that they are being mean of spawnkilling you or soomething like that you can contact me at
new email for the server coming soon...
ip is

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