This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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ExonTekkit 3.1.2


US server Hosted in Canada, International Player base

ExonTekkit is a 24/7 server with 100 player slots and low lag. The server is owned by Wesley01999.


When you spawn in ExonTekkit For the first time you will be greeted by our Members and Staff you then find yourself at our Spawn, There are many portals taking you to rules server info and other things. When you colect enough resources (or you need a resource) You can go to the server store or to the Shop plots (owned by players) you may buy 4 Plots max.When you need money or more claim blocks to protect your super-castle (or whatever it is you need to protect that is) Vote! The server has a long list of server listings that give $250 in-game cash, 50 claim blocks, a Mk3 Collector, and a random item per vote! for more info on voting and shops.

When you feel like you need an upgrade you can donate at our webstore:

The ranks are well priced and there are a variety of options for your budget All Ranks are for life and come with crafting abilities and a lot of cool items.

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