This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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PiCraft Tekkit


PiCraft Minecraft is a cluster of professionally managed servers on the west coast of the United States.

This server is the Tekkit server, which features the Tekkit modpack. Freebuild survival world, play with people or play by yourself. Build a nuclear reactor or construct a flying building. The choice is yours! This server is moderated by iderickson.

The Factions and Build server has Factions and Essentials with a few other PvP centric plugins, as well as dedicated Survival and Creative worlds.
The Games Server is home to a number of minigames, such as Capture the Flag, Mob Arena, and Survival Games.
The Zombieland server is pure Zombie Apocalypse fun, where you have to struggle just to stay alive.

The Website has info about each server. If you like playing on the server, check out our Facebook Page!

All staff memebers are clearly identified by the word [Staff] or [Admin] before their username.

To keep from asking the same questions we hear every day, please use the "/help", "/motd" and "/rules" commands for rules, info, and commands.

[1] Do not annoy the Admins. Admins will not teleport you, make it daytime, or give you stuff.
[2] Do not hack. Do not spam. Doing so will get you banned.

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