This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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50Craft! - 24/7 3.1.2 PvE [EE LIMITED]



Welcome to 50Craft, a small, dedicated and friendly server and community. We are a part of 50DKP, a larger community of several games, primarily Team Fortress 2. However, we run several servers including CSS, and Tribes: Ascend.

This is an SMP server, not hardcore PVP. It is not okay to go around and kill people (PVP is turned off as well). We welcome users to either join existing towns, or to start their own towns. You may buy protection for your structures by points scored by posting on the forums.

We are a relatively new tekkit server, having just completed our time with vanilla Minecraft. There aren't many big settlements yet, so be sure to invite friends and play along! Our community is very well suited for incoming groups of players, allowing easy optimization of your playing experience.

Posting on the forums ( is good for keeping up with community events across all servers. Announcements and any changes related to the server will be announced on the forums, first. You're welcome to use the Minecraft section of the forums for anything Minecraft related.

Our server is very strict when it comes to griefing. There are very few warnings, depending on what you do. If you get caught griefing, you're gone. There is also a suite of anti-grief plugins online and some vigilant admins. X-Ray'rs will be caught veryquickly, any usage of griefing clients is not allowed. However, mods that are allowed are Rei's Minimap, Optifine, and modloader. This includes any texture packs except xray hacks. Flying is not allowed, fastmine is not allowed, etc. If you use anything that will give you an advantage in the server, you will be banned. Asking for staff is also not allowed, and you will have practically 0% chance of getting it afterwards.

How to join:
Register on the 50dkp forums (, and on the registration form, just fill in your Minecraft ID and you will be automatically added to the whitelist (may take a minute or 2 to update).

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