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Hello there!

I see you are looking for a new Minecraft server to play on, as you have been beaten up multiple times in the past, from other servers. LOOK NO FURTHER! XodusEN now supports Minecraft! XeN's MC Server the perfect server for the common, fun having players who enjoy a good time. The basis of the this server is to survive, and thrive! We offer multiple GREAT & premier plugins such as Factions!

Xodus Entertainment Network is a unique & friendly Gaming Community that welcomes & realises the potential, and value within any user regardless of their origin.

Our Values:

We are a friendly, non-serous survival/faction server with lots to offer, and many things to do. We hold daily competition, and games, to earn a bit of extra ' XeN Credits' (This is our economy money system).
We are accepting of all ages, creeds, nationalites, religions, political standpoints, and race.

Our Goal

Our #1, and formost goal is to give you the very best time possible while on our server, be it mining, dining, or trying to find diamond, we will help you, and guide you all of the way!

Local Rules:

  1. XodusEN's Minecraft Server has a ZERO PERCENT tolorance for griefing.

  2. No cheating of any kind.

  3. Utilizing exploits is NOT tolerated! .

  4. Racism has no place is NOT tolerated.

  5. Discrimination of any kind will not be tolorated.

  6. We encourage the right to free speech.

  7. You must abide by all XodusEN polies.

  8. Please limit comments users may object to.

  9. Every user on XeN will be respected.

  10. Only ask ONCE when asking for assistance.

  11. Respect the staff, and their decisions.

  12. Limit profanity.

Global Rules:

  1. To Learn about our Global Rules, that apply on any XodusEN service, please visit our website, at;


Local Ranks:
( Local rank is JUST a rank on the specific server, and not the same rank on all XodusEN services.)

Global Ranks:
(A Global Rank is a rank, that you have been given on EVERY XodusEN service.)

Other Services:

XodusEN MC Map Viewer -

Xodusen TS3 (VOIP) service;

  • IP;

XodusEN Website;

XeN Website -


Thank you for reading this, and we hope you will choose to play on one of our many services! you are welcome to join the XodusEN Minecraft server, as it is open to the public right now. Game On!

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