This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Teck-Kraft Vanilla Survival Server


This server has been created just to enjoy Multiplayer Vanilla Minecraft. There will be only 16 people white-listed. I am looking for mature 18+ players who can play in a friendly community in a civilized manner.

As I mentioned above, the server will be completely Vanilla. However, I will add the chest protection plugin for 15 days after the server goes live. Once we are all comfortable with each other I will remove the chest protection plugin too. This is just a way of ensuring that there are no griefers.

Before filling out the Application Form please make sure you have gone through all of the rules below, if a single rule is broken you will be banned without any hesitations.

1) No Griefing
2) No Cheating
3) No Hacking
4) No Glitching
5) You can prank without the use of Lava, Fire, TNT. You can not kill someone as a prank either.
6) Always leave a sign or a book at the place you prank so people know who did it.
7) No PvP unless the other person agrees.
8) Be active on skype and play like a mature person.
9) In order to start building you have to move 250 blocks away from Spawn Shelter.
10) You can live far far away from someone or nearby it does not matter as long as it is at least 50 blocks away from someones place, unless they don't mind.

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