This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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No hacking! (Fly mods hacked clients etc.)
No advertising! That's what server websites are for!
NO CAPS! It's annoying that's why we have an exclamation point!
No asking for ranks/items! You will just be ignored/muted!
Be respectful! Nobody likes somebody that's mean >:(
No spawn killing! It will just get you jailed!
Respect all Moderator's+ If you don't then your on a one way trip to ban town!
Be honest! If you are then you will get far in this server ;)
Don't break any of these rules! It's just like breaking the law
NO GRIEFING!!!!!!!! Griefing is an INSTANT ban

              ====About Us====

All four of us owners have known each other for almost over a year now. After a long time we have finally came together and decided, "Hey, guys, we should all make a server!" but then somebody said, "Omg good idea! I think we should make it Tekkit!" And so the server came to be. Spawn has already been griefed at least 3 times. We would greatly appreciate it if you did't grief it :)

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