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Minebuilders No Lag! Fresh Map! PvP! 24/7! FEW BAN


I'm not an idiot I play on other servers too.
So i know you're looking for banned items.
Hahahaha Nice try! You'll have to go in the game!

But it's very few So it's fine.

Why Or Why not go in our server?

  • = Pros
  • = Cons

  • Annoying admins :P Demoting them now
  • All Mods Enabled
  • Alchemical Chest Enabled (You know what that means!) If not youre dumb
  • People grief... Just use your pvp skills and kill them and steal their stuff!
  • 3 Owners (Only nice staff around)
  • Looking for mature and dedicated Staff Do Not Apply In Game
    Apply in comments list.
  • We Have Residence plugin
  • Lwc Set Up for almost everything

We are trying to get votifier set up so if you'd like to help we'd appreciate it.


No Spaming
No Griefing
No Spawnkilling
No Camping (We Spy on everyone) ;)

Donations are NOT up at the moment.
They will be soon!

ALSO if you're good with lua / Computercraft McBurgerdude wants tutoring :3 (That's me*)

Thank You for reading!

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